Testing Solutions

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  • ATE Connecting Solutions

    To connect a motherboard and a daughterboard in an automatic testing equipment, pogo towers and adapters are usually used. C.C.P. has developed ATE connecting solution for […]

  • Burn-In Test Solutions

    The Burn-In test will expose the DUT (divice under test) to harsh conditions: 150°C; relative humidity (RH): 85 rh; current rating: 1A continuous for 1000 hrs. […]

  • Catalogue – IC Testing Probe

    For details; https://www.pccp.com.tw/product_detail.php?type_d=1&PNo=969

  • Fine-Pitch Connectors/ FPC Test

    A board to board connection requires fine-pitch pogo sockets to achieve the required accuracy. Pogo-Pin testing solutions have a significantly increased lifetime with more than 30.000 […]

  • General Final Test Solutions

    Our supplier has over 30 years experience in the development and manufacturing of testing sockets and pins. Their team of researchers is constantly improving the materials […]

  • High-Current Solutions

    C.C.P. offers a patented solution for high-current Pogo-Pin testers that can be used in a variety of applications such as EV Battery testing or other industrial […]

  • High-Frequency Solutions

    High-Frequency testing is mostly used for radio-frequency channels and wide-band transaction applications. The signal pin can be customized according to the electrical characteristics and testing environments […]

  • IC Probe Search

    For details; https://www.pccp.com.tw/product.php?type=IC-Pin&PNo=8

  • ICT Probe Search

    For details; https://www.pccp.com.tw/product.php?type=ICT-Pin&PNo=9

  • Kelvin Contact Solutions

    The term Kelvin Contact is derived from the English physicist Lord Kelvin who invented the Kelvin Bridge in 1861. The Kelvin Bridge is used to measure […]

  • Memory Test Solutions

    Memory ICs are a core component of nearly every electronic device. Memory ICs are usually categorized in volatile and non-volatile memory where volatile memory keeps its […]

  • Wafer Level Test Solutions

    During the massive growth of WLCSP in the semiconductor market, over 30 different kinds of probe heads were designed to meet the demand of the market. […]