Battery Solutions

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  • Aviation/UAV Battery Pack

    In aviation, the reliable performance of batteries is imperative, being able to withstand frequent changes in temperature or other environmental conditions as well as being light-weight. […]

  • Battery for Marine ESS

    Our supplier has developed water cooled Lithium Ion Battery suitable for the marine applications which require extreme safety and reliability under harsh ocean environment. It provides […]

  • Battery Modules (BM)

    Battery Module (KBM) are 2 kWh – 12kWh systems composed of Lithium-ion Batteries connected in series or parallel. With its flexible and modular design, Battery Module […]

  • Defense Battery Pack

    Lithium Ion batteries are designed and developed to meet the military requirements of high power and high energy density systems with less weight. They are applied […]

  • Electric Vehicle Battery Pack (XPAND)

    Battery System is designed for use in commercial truck, bus, tram, and heavy duty transportation. The system can be integrated in parallel and in series to […]

  • Lithium Ion Cell

    “Superior Performance, Proven Quality, Greater Reliability, Increased Safety” Our supplier sets about to solve the limitations associated with conventional lithium-ion technologies, including cycle and calender life, […]