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3 Ekim 2019
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3 Ekim 2019

Wafer Level Test Solutions


During the massive growth of WLCSP in the semiconductor market, over 30 different kinds of probe heads were designed to meet the demand of the market. A Pogo-Pin design improves the durability of the probe head significantly. Additionally, coplanarity errors induced by differently sized solder balls can be avoided by our Pogo-Pins which have a working-travel designed for up to 250um. We offers a wide variety of head types to accommodate the different fields of application. A full list of head types with detailed description can be found in our catalog.

Probe Head Specification
Min. Pitch 0.20mm
Max. Site Counts 32 Sites
Top Housing Material Photoveel®/VESPEL®SCP5000
Mounting Plate Material Torlon® 5530
Bottom Housing Material VESPEL®SCP5000
Life Time (Pin) >300’000



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