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3 Ekim 2019
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3 Ekim 2019

General Final Test Solutions


Our supplier has over 30 years experience in the development and manufacturing of testing sockets and pins. Their team of researchers is constantly improving the materials and manufacturing process to offer our customers the best solutions available on the market. They have developed more than 200 types of customized pins and more than 30 types of above standard pins that easily reach the yield standard at simulating high-frequency performance.

General IC Test Socket Specification
Material Torlon 4203, Torlon 5530, PEEK, PEEK Ceramic, SCP5000
Data Rate
(Performance may differ depending on testing conditions)
6 Gpbs/ 8Gpbs/ 12 Gpbs
IC Package Size 1.5×1.5~38×38 mm²
Min. Pitch 0.2mm
Life Time (Pin) >200k times


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