Memory Test Solutions
3 Ekim 2019
Fine-Pitch Connectors/ FPC Test
3 Ekim 2019

Burn-In Test Solutions


The Burn-In test will expose the DUT (divice under test) to harsh conditions: 150°C; relative humidity (RH): 85 rh; current rating: 1A continuous for 1000 hrs. In order to withstand conditions like that, C.C.P. modifies the plating material and core material. C.C.P. splits the socket into two parts: The standard part and the machining part. The standard part by insert molding and holds the machining part, that is customized according to the customers IC design and made by CNC. The Pins for the burn-in solution use a special material (WJ3) that shoes and exceptional hardness and is able to deal with the demanding conditions posed by the Burn-In test.


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