Pogo Pin Konnektörler

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  • 2 in 1 Laptop Connectors

    Connectors with multiple pins can be used as the interface between tablets and removable keyboards. Magnets can be included to improve the usability. It’s also applicable […]

  • Basic Pogo Pin Intro

    The Pogo-Pin connector is a special type of contact technology that uses a spring inside its barrel to press the tip towards the contact point. In […]

  • Lateral Movement Connector

    A regular Pogo-Pin can only be used for a vertical movement where the tip of the pin is pressed on a contact plate. Our patented “Lateral […]

  • Magnetic Connectors

    We offers a wide variety of magnetic connector types. Almost all of our connector solutions can be combined with a magnet to improve the user experience […]

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    Pogo Pin Connector Search

    For pogo pin connector search; https://www.pccp.com.tw/product.php?type=POGO-Pin&PNo=10  

  • Waterproof Connectors

    Today, electronic devices are used in much more challenging environments. Navigation systems, smartphones or batteries for e-bikes must withstand heat, moister, rain or dust without being […]