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9 Ekim 2019
Aviation/UAV Battery Pack
9 Ekim 2019

Electric Vehicle Battery Pack (XPAND)


Battery System is designed for use in commercial truck, bus, tram, and heavy duty transportation. The system can be integrated in parallel and in series to create very high energy and high voltage systems. Furthermore, the “Variable Bulkhead” allows to customize the packs’ electrical and cooling interfaces without having to retool the entire systems.

EV Battery Type 1 : Xpand

  • Easy to customize high voltage, low voltage  and cooling interfaces to each application
  • All connections at front panel; rear access not needed for installation
  • New Kokam BMS permits very large strings and pack combinations (Up to 1,000V per string, and up to 24 strings in parallel)
  • Allows upgrades to connector styles, fuses, VTBs without tooling entire pack
  • Robust, highly serviceable BDU with integrated SCU; standalone MCU
  • Available with or without internal fuse (tested both ways for safety)
  • Highly robust tab-to-busbar joint survives the harshest vibration & shock environments while maintaining ultra-low DCIR
  • Direct cooling to cell face; 50-75% less mass than competing technology; maximizes volumetric efficiency
  • Enhanced cell separator eliminates the need for thermal barriers

EV Battery Type 2

  • Automotive-certified [USABC, IEC, SAE, UN 38.3]
  • Energy density up to 150Wh/kg
  • High energy & high power density
  • Significant volume reduction due to fluid cooling
  • Longer calendar & cycle life
  • Flexible packaging & Freely scalable system design
  • Preserved from electrical and physical abuse
  • Long maintenance free periods for lower costs in cycle life

EV Battery Type 3

  • High discharging C-rate
  • Fast DC charging
  • High energy density up to 134Wh/kg
  • Compact and light design
  • Long life cycle
  • Industry standard voltages of 24 and 48V
  • Maximum durability under extreme conditions



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