Aviation/UAV Battery Pack
9 Ekim 2019

Battery for Marine ESS


Our supplier has developed water cooled Lithium Ion Battery suitable for the marine applications which require extreme safety and reliability under harsh ocean environment.

It provides peak shaving capability against momentary high energy burst to enable commercial vessels or offshore supporting vessels to save fuel and extend the life of main engines or generators.

Additionally, this module can be used for inland vehicles like trucks, buses and trams which require high maneuverability and regeneration absorbing capability.

Advantages of Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium ion battery maximizes the performance of electric boats. With its high energy density, these batteries are significantly smaller in size and weigh less than competitive products. These features are most suitable for long distance navigation where, for example, a battery in a submarine can provide a reliable source of energy for long-term missions.

Battery Type 1 for Marine ESS : High Power

Key Features

  • Direct water cooling with water jacket inserted between the cells
  • IP56 and salinity resistive housing
  • Easy change of module length according to the customer requirement
  • Thermal runaway tested according to classification society rules
  • Shock, vibration, temperature, EMI/EMC, Salinity tested according to classification society rules
  • Ship Roll and Pitch tested according to submarine/ship motion requirement


  • 70Ah Nano HP cells, 2P20S
  • 74VDC and 10.36kWh capacity
  • 3P continuous charging rate
  • 5P continuous discharging rate