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9 Ekim 2019
Electric Vehicle Battery Pack (XPAND)
9 Ekim 2019

Defense Battery Pack


Lithium Ion batteries are designed and developed to meet the military requirements of high power and high energy density systems with less weight. They are applied for both armed fighting vehicles (Stryker / Cougar / M-series Tanks) and support vehicles (FMTV / HEMMT / HUMVEE). Today, Lithium Ion batteries are not only designed for startup application, but also for independent power sources for other various applications in vehicles designed for military tactics, ground robotics and exploration vehicles for research markets.

With its flexible and modular design, Battery Module can be customized to meet various technical needs. Reliability of batteries in defense, marine and aviation is vital to its performance. Lithium Ion batteries are capable of operating over a wide temperature range, which is ideal for rugged defense use. Our supplier provides high-tech solution for various defense applications ranging from small portable electronics to highly sophisticated machinery, ensuring that it is always prepared for the unexpected.


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