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  • EMI Shielding Ventilation Panels

    Shielding Ventilation Panels and filters primarily designed to allow unrestricted air-flow whilst preventing the transmission of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

  • Euro TV/PAL 

    Connector used for European TV (PAL) connections. For details; http://www.coax-connectors.com/products/connectors/tvpal-(euro).aspx  

  • EV Charging Plug & Socket

    Responding to the rapid development of the EV-Industry, our supplier has developed a patented connector design for high current charging applications. The connector is compatible with […]

  • F Type 

    F type are low cost 50 & 75 ohm miniature connectors typically used in cable TV, satellite TV, CATV  and cable modem installations.  F type have […]

  • Fine-Pitch Connectors/ FPC Test

    A board to board connection requires fine-pitch pogo sockets to achieve the required accuracy. Pogo-Pin testing solutions have a significantly increased lifetime with more than 30.000 […]

  • Finger Strip (Finger stock) Gaskets

    Manufactured from beryllium copper foil, resilient/compliant to provide low-contact resistance between mating faces giving excellent EMI shielding performance. Very low closure force, light gauge foil sections […]

  • FME

    For details; http://www.coax-connectors.com/products/connectors/fme.aspx

  • Form in Place FIPG Gaskets – Acushield®

    Precise guidance of a fluid dispensing nozzle under CNC control for continuous application of intricate, small cross-section gaskets directly onto component or substrate contours.

  • Gas Permeable PDMS Membranes

    Thin silicone or polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) membrane products used as a barrier to liquid and permeable path for various gaseous elements and compounds. Supplied in sheets or […]

  • General Final Test Solutions

    Our supplier has over 30 years experience in the development and manufacturing of testing sockets and pins. Their team of researchers is constantly improving the materials […]

  • High-Current Solutions

    C.C.P. offers a patented solution for high-current Pogo-Pin testers that can be used in a variety of applications such as EV Battery testing or other industrial […]

  • High-Frequency Solutions

    High-Frequency testing is mostly used for radio-frequency channels and wide-band transaction applications. The signal pin can be customized according to the electrical characteristics and testing environments […]

  • IC Probe Search

    For details; https://www.pccp.com.tw/product.php?type=IC-Pin&PNo=8

  • ICT Probe Search

    For details; https://www.pccp.com.tw/product.php?type=ICT-Pin&PNo=9

  • Kelvin Contact Solutions

    The term Kelvin Contact is derived from the English physicist Lord Kelvin who invented the Kelvin Bridge in 1861. The Kelvin Bridge is used to measure […]

  • Knitted Wire Mesh Gaskets

    Monel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Tin plated Copper clad Steel wire into continuous sections or strips. A range of tough, resilient gasket sections that offer excellent […]

  • Lateral Movement Connector

    A regular Pogo-Pin can only be used for a vertical movement where the tip of the pin is pressed on a contact plate. Our patented “Lateral […]

  • Lithium Ion Cell

    “Superior Performance, Proven Quality, Greater Reliability, Increased Safety” Our supplier sets about to solve the limitations associated with conventional lithium-ion technologies, including cycle and calender life, […]

  • Lossy Foam Microwave (RF) Absorbers

    Lightweight conductive carbon loaded sheet stock providing broadband insertion loss at microwave frequencies. Exhibiting high reflection loss and intended to be applied to metal surfaces inside […]

  • Low Cost EMI Vent Panels

    Low-cost EMI Vent Panels for use with 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 92mm & 120mm fans. Available ‘off the shelf’ for fast delivery.

  • Low Frequency Microwave (RF) Absorbers

    A magnetically loaded sheet stock having high loss at sub-microwave frequencies. Low Frequency Absorbers designed with shaped magnetic particles exhibiting high permeability at frequencies from 1 […]

  • Magnetic Connectors

    We offers a wide variety of magnetic connector types. Almost all of our connector solutions can be combined with a magnet to improve the user experience […]

  • MCX 

    50 Ohm MCX sub-miniature connectors feature a snap together interface and are suitable for applications up to 6 GHz, they conform to IEC 61169-36 and CECC […]

  • Memory Test Solutions

    Memory ICs are a core component of nearly every electronic device. Memory ICs are usually categorized in volatile and non-volatile memory where volatile memory keeps its […]

  • Mica Sheet and Film

    When high temperature resistance is required, Silicon resin bonded mica might be the solution for you. Mica also has exceptional physical characteristics.

  • Micro BNC 50 Ohm 

    Micro BNC 50 ohm connectors offer excellent performance with a package density far greater than can be achieved with standard or mini BNCs.  Micro BNCs can […]

  • Micro BNC 75 Ohm 

    Our Micro BNC 75 ohm connectors are designed for HD & UHD Broadcast, Telecom, HDcctv, Instrumentation and similar applications that require high performance in an high […]

  • microMUSA 

    The 12G, 48-way microMUSA by COAX Connectors is the world’s first 2×48 1RU 12G 4K video patchbay system. This newly designed 12G 48-way patchbay system includes panels, […]

  • microMUSA Video Patchbay.. 32 Way 99-609-BK

    The 12G “microMUSA” range of patchbays includes a 2×32 patchbay. This newly designed patchbay system includes panels, U-links and patchcords. The system delivers 4K single link […]

  • microMUSA Video Patchbay.. 48 Way 99-610-BK

    The 12G “microMUSA” patchbays a world’s first 12G 2×48 1RU patchbay. This newly designed patchbay system includes panels, U-links and patchcords. The system delivers 4K single […]

  • Mini BNC 75 Ohm 

    Mini BNC 75 ohm RF connector series is a smaller version of the standard BNC.  At around 40% smaller than BNC, the jacks can be mounted […]

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