2 Ekim 2019
Micro BNC 75 Ohm 
2 Ekim 2019


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BNC connectors are available in either 50 ohm or 75 ohm options, they feature a simple bayonet coupling requiring only a quarter turn to connect or disconnect. The easy to use coupling make BNC one of the most popular general purpose connectors used in all markets. Designed to meet the requirements of IEC 61169-8, typical applications include, instrumentation, security, telecom, broadcast, mil/aero and many others.  Our 75 ohm series includes items suitable for frequencies beyond 12GHz.  Testing has shown a selection of our higher performance 75 ohm connectors can be used up to 18GHz.  Use the impedance filter to select a suitable range.  See also Mini BNC and Micro BNC sections.


For High Performance 75ohm BNC connectors, see our KORUS range.  KORUS and our other 12G SDI BNCs are designed for use in HD and UHD 4K Broadcast applications.  KORUS connectors have an easily identifiable Black Nickel plated body with gold plated contacts.

For details; http://www.coax-connectors.com/products/connectors/bnc.aspx


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